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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Gift Packaging

Nothing adds value like free Gift Packaging for customers. And, Tobacconists already have the most precious item on hand – empty cigar boxes! Packaging gifts for customers has many benefits, including:

· Higher Customer Satisfaction
· Competitive Advantage
· Stimulates Up-selling
· Branding Opportunity
· Promotes Loyalty
· More Memorable
· More Impressive

Gift Packaging, especially during the holidays, creates more special and valuable presents. The gift-givers will remember your store and the receivers will come back for more.
The cigar box Gift Packaging method shown here only requires Tobacconists to purchase inexpensive paper stuffing; as you should have branded business cards, ziptop bags, matches, and cutters in stock. In addition, this gift box shows a branded sticker opportunity on the inside lid and another sticker sealing the box – these stickers can be made on store bought labels with a rudimentary computer. Get creative and use every opportunity to reinforce your brand with your customers: it will pay off in the short and long term.

TIP I: Prepare your gift boxes ahead of busy times – keep them loaded with stuffing, business cards, resealable (ziptop) bags, matches, cutters, and stickers. That way, it will only take a few seconds to prepare and your customers will be impressed.

TIP II: During the holidays, add a red bow to anything and you have an instant gift pack.

TIP III: Have branded coffee mugs made and you have an instant up-sell.

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