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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Dose Makes The Poison

Perhaps it is my life’s mission to bring some credibility back to luxury tobacco, and help separate this civilized, natural pursuit from nicotine delivery systems (chemically enhanced cigarettes). The physiology of nicotine absorption is the key to understanding why cigarettes are addictive and cigars and pipe tobaccos are not. As with so many of the things we consume in a healthy manner, the dose is what makes the poison. Extremely high levels of almost any substance will hurt us. With nicotine, the quantity that is absorbed by the body, and the frequency at which we absorb it, determines whether or not it is addictive. Cigarettes are generally made from light tobaccos which are easily inhaled. Cigarette smoke, and all of the chemicals and carcinogens that come with it, are easily absorbed by the lungs. Cigar and Pipe smoke is not inhaled, and therefore the nicotine that is absorbed throughout the mouth is far less than with cigarettes. This is the fundamental reason why Cigar and Pipe smokers do not suffer from addiction like cigarette smokers. In addition, premium cigars and pipe tobaccos do not contain the chemicals and additives which are common in commercial cigarettes. Ultimately, the time you take to savor a quality cigar or pipe tobacco is the real reward, not the ingestion of small amounts of nicotine.

Jorge Armenteros, CMT

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Stress Kills

While watching the news yesterday, I re-learned what most enlightened and open-minded people already know: stress kills. The medical expert on the show was discussing new studies which show how extreme anger causes 100,000 more deaths (in the U.S.) per year than all cancers combined. Extreme anger and stress kill more people than cigarettes! Sadly, we live in a time and culture that does not value the benefits of relaxation. But, as any lover of premium and luxury tobacco can tell you, there are few things which will add as much to the quality of your life as a great cigar or bowl of pipe tobacco. So whether your idea of relaxation involves watching the sunset, soaking in the tub, seeing a movie, a candle lit dinner, some good music, yoga, or simple meditation, you may very well benefit from lighting up a great cigar. Perhaps the only thing of value in this life is our time, so we should be making more effort to savor it. And remember the facts, the National Cancer Institute says there are no known negative health effects from the consumption of less than one cigar per day. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself.

Jorge Armenteros, CMT

Monday, November 13, 2006

Luxury Tobacco

We believe that the best cigar or pipe Tobacco in the world is your favorite. We assert that your passion for Tobacco is a natural luxury which is rooted in great traditions and history. The moderate consumption of luxury Tobacco is a healthy and enlightened human pleasure.
Luxury Tobacco- Tobacco products which are created by master craftsmen utilizing premium quality tobacco and intended to be enjoyed while savoring your time. Luxury tobacco is never homogenized, commoditized, or used out of habit or addiction.