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Sunday, February 21, 2010


Traditionally, cigar tobaccos (and Burley type tobaccos) are air-cured by hanging and drying the leaves in curing barns.  Recently, we released academic content which Jose “Don Pepin” Garcia helped us create on the topic of Stalk-Priming.  This research led us to the expertise and experience of the cigar makers at Drew Estate who are using another exciting technique called Stalk-Curing.  Drew Estate is producing a cigar called the Liga Privada T-52 which is Stalk-Cut (not primed) and it is Stalk-Cured.   Stalk-Curing is the process of air-curing the tobacco leaves while they are still attached to the stalk.  While this process takes up exponentially more space, costs more, and takes longer, it does produce an extraordinary end product.  Stalk-Curing allows the leaves to absorb more nutrients from the stalk while they are drying.  Now, you will have to smoke a T-52 to taste the extraordinary results!