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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Top 5 Reasons To Be Certified

1) Credibility Matters- Enhance your professional credibility by becoming Certified by TU. Immersing yourself in our extensive academic curriculum will help to further establish your professional credentials. By completing the Steps to Certification, CRT’s adhere to our high expectations in regards to product knowledge and customer service thus become knowledgeable, trustworthy in the eyes of consumers and peers.

2) Personal Satisfaction/Self-Esteem- Becoming a CRT will define and shape yourself beyond your job description. You will achieve a deep sense of personal satisfaction as well as validate your luxury tobacco experience.

3) Make your Certification work for you- Promote yourself. Wear your certified lapel pin and display your diploma and other certified accoutrements. Let your certification set you apart from other retailers. TU Certification also works as a free training vehicle for your employees. Customers view certification as a guarantee they will receive a high level of quality service, it demonstrates a commitment to our industry.

4) Improved Skills and Knowledge- Develop a well rounded educational experience while studying the four Colleges that comprise Tobacconist University: Tobacco, Accoutrements, Taste, and Service College.

5) Stay Tuned- Only certified retailers can profit from selling The Tobacconist Handbook or administering the final exam to Apprentices. We also have many exciting  projects in the works which only Certified Tobacconists will benefit from.