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Thursday, April 17, 2014

The New Website

"Behold, the future of awesome! The brand new, revolutionary, technologically advanced, streamlined, enhanced, cutting edge, automated, bedazzled, wondrous, and sexy new Tobacconist University website must be seen to be believed!!!"    -  Jorge Armenteros, CMT

After nearly a decade in development, the TU website has been re-focused, re-fined, and re-developed to meet our tobacconists and consumers needs well into the future.  New features and functionality include:

- Multiple CRT listings rotating above the fold on our homepage
- Automated and streamlined certification sign up processes
- Enhanced search features & new content
- Expanded Campus Store
- Exponentially improved Certified Tobacconist listings, including
     - www, blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram links
     - Final Exam and R&D badges
     - Mapping & directions links with Google Maps for CRT retail stores
- New academic content, blog, and upgrades too numerous to mention
- Hundreds of Tobacconist Tips rotating throughout the site
- New About Us section, introducing our new Certified Director Juice Ford, CST.  Juice is here to help our Certified Tobacconists in any way possible!
- New Contact Us section for easy communications
- Major streamlining of content and verbage
- The R&D Lab ... more to come on that topic soon...

And there is still much more to come.  This new website will be the foundation for many exciting new educational projects which we have been developing for nearly a decade.  Please enjoy the new site, tell your friends, and let us know if there is anything we can do to make it better.