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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The Tobacco Business Magazine Article

We appreciate this excellent article in Tobacco Business Magazine by Antoine Reid.  This link will take you to the full article.  There is a lot of insight, history, and new news!  This is a great way to wrap up 2018 and we can promise you 2019 will be our greatest yet!

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Online CRT Final Exam

After more than twenty years of educating and certifying tobacconists and administering paper exams with a proctor, we are announcing our most historic and revolutionary service ever:

Now, all CRT Apprentices can take the final exam on the TU website.  

Gone are the days of waiting for a CST to visit your store (if you were lucky enough to have one in your area), or paying $100 for a skype exam (and coordinating your schedule around a convenient time), or traveling to our offices in Princeton, NJ, or waiting for the annual tradeshow and wasting valuable time that could be spent with your vendors: now you can take the final exam at your convenience online!

Our new online exams feature 100 varying and improved multiple choice questions, instantaneous grading, immediate conversion of your listing to "certified" and rotation on our homepage, and a diploma you can print yourself if you pass!   In addition, you can purchase the exam and take it whenever you are ready - there is no time limit or expiration date as long as you remain an apprentice with your company.  However, once you have paid for the exam and log in to take it, you must finish it.

Take note, the final exam price is $50 and it is a one time only, non-refundable fee.  We strongly recommend you study the Final Exam Review links featured on the right side of this blog so you don't fail.  Lastly, for security purposes, the apprentice who will be taking the exam must be the person to purchase it because login credentials will be required.  If you are interested in making a bulk purchase for multiple apprentices/employees, please contact TU via