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Saturday, November 23, 2019

Tasting Seminar Master Class

In the Fall of 2019 we released our R&D Cigars Tasting Seminar Master Class.  These seminar packs include an educational spec sheet, 2 large vitola (robustos) and 2 Puro Component 5 packs: which are individual small cigars made of premium leaf from the individual ingredients in the large cigar.  These are the only cigars in the world you need to pass an exam and be certified to sell!  These Tasting Seminar Master Class packs are designed as a D.I.Y. tasting seminar that consumers can do independently, or as an in-store event with their local Certified Retail Tobacconist.  It is an unprecedented opportunity to expand your mind and palate!

Sadly, R&D Cigars will be impossible to make in the future because of the draconian FDA regulations burdening our industry.  In 2014 we created this special R&D Brazilian Corojo Serie 1 and followed up with the R&D PA/CT Serie 2 in 2015.  While we had plans and research done for an Organic Nicaraguan (2016) and a Mexican Broadleaf (2017), our plans for these R&D Cigars were halted by onerous regulatory hurdles.  

Today, this Brazilian Corojo Serie 1 + Puro Component pack is all that remains of our historic project, and they are smoking perfectly since being rolled in 2014.  We encourage you to ask your local Certified Retail Tobacconist about these special cigars.  This is the last time you will be able to smoke like a cigar maker and learn how individual components come together to make a finished cigar.  This educational experience will enhance your enjoyment of premium cigars forever!

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Certification FAQ

Everyday we get emails and phone calls with questions about our certification programs.  Here is a helpful table to help you compare, contrast and understand the differences between our programs.  You can always email or call if you have any other questions.

You can also visit the GET CERTIFIED section of our website to get all the details.