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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cigar Rolling Table Plans

Every retail Tobacconist should have at least one: Cigar Rolling Tables are perfect for year- round merchandising as well as cigar rolling events. Having an authentic table, as opposed to a plastic or temporary table, is important to the roller, customers, and Tobacconists. In addition, Cigar Rolling Tables are great for special merchandising, sale items, or to be used as desks for customers, and they contribute to the authentic environment in your store.
Cigar Rolling Tables are distinguished by a partial top shelf (approx: 40″ high) over the standard table top (approx: 30″ high). The partial top shelf creates extra space on top for placing finished cigars, while the space underneath hides the goma, guillotina, water, leaves, and other incidentals. The following materials list and plans outline the materials and steps necessary to create your own Cigar Rolling Table. Whether you apply expert craftsmanship or rudimentary skills to this project, it will be worth the effort.

A Cigar Rolling Table can be made of almost any type of wood, including oak, pine, cherry, or walnut. After you have prepared your materials, you can follow these steps to assemble your Cigar Rolling Table.

*TU is not specifying what construction or carpentry techniques to use. Go with whatever skill set you have. If it’s rustic and sloppy, it won’t matter! It will just look more authentic! I built my first cigar rolling table in 1995 with plywood, drywall screws, and a little bit of dark mahogany stain: we still use it to this day! And the horrible craftsmanship only adds character.

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