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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tobacconist Philanthropy

Merriam-Webster defines Philanthropy as
“: goodwill to fellowmen; especially : active effort to promote human welfare”
Clearly, any good Tobacconist is by definition a Philanthropist. But, Tobacconists actually contribute to local, national, and international charities in innumerable ways. The Tobacconist Philanthropy content in Service College is meant to highlight the ways in which Tobacconists selflessly give back: whether by donating cigars to our troops or giving to charity auctions, hurricane relief, school fundraisers, and more. Tobacconists are both local and global merchants who give professionally and personally, every day.

If you are a Tobacconist Philanthropist who goes above and beyond, let us know how – we will use your knowledge to teach other Tobacconists.

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