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Saturday, August 2, 2008

New Customers: Car Dealers & Motorcyclists

Customers are defined by their Values.
Tobacconists are defined by the Value they Add!
Some of our best customers are car salesman and dealership owners. I can count hundreds of thousands of dollars in income from car salesmen and dealers since I have been a Tobacconist – their business has more than paid for every car I have owned over the years. These are truly special customers, for many reasons.
Firstly, dealership owners tend to be the embodiment of the products they sell. They are freedom loving, individualistic, and quintessentially American businessmen. This is also a pretty good description of the average cigar smoker too!

I have had several dealership owners who regularly purchased large quantities of cigars for themselves and their staffs.

Many owners and salesmen shop with us when they want to thank a [shared] customer who just purchased a car. – Maybe we should encourage our customers to tell their car salesmen that they love cigars from ‘put your store name here’.

Another benefit of the car salesman/dealer customer is the great deals. Both my customers and I have benefited greatly from these special customers – as always, cigar smokers share a special bond.

Perhaps the most interesting benefit of the car dealer customer is the event potential. I once had a formal cocktail party/cigar tasting event in the service garage of the Land Rover dealership. I must qualify that the garage was beautiful, spotless, and oddly elegant when filled with luxurious automobiles. In addition to this type of event, there are many other opportunities for marketing, promoting, and co-branding with car dealerships and clubs. Some ideas include:

  • share mailing lists
  • car club meetings at your shop
  • outdoor booth at dealer and club events
  • showcase luxury automobiles at your shop
  • offer gift certificates or coupons to a dealership’s customers
  • give a free cigar to new car buyers, like when a baby is born
  • negotiate special offers for your customers from a dealership
  • advertise in a dealership or car club brochure, internet site, or newsletter

So the lesson is…. get to know the car dealers and salesmen in your area. Find out if you can work together to better service your customers. And treat them well, as they will you.

Also, just substitute the word "CAR" with Motorcycle/Motorcyclist in this blog and you have another group to market to and with!

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