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Sunday, March 8, 2020

CIGARS 101.4: Cigar Anatomy

A cigar is much more than a bunch of leaves!  While construction techniques and component parts vary greatly, the general parts of a premium cigar remain the same: head, shoulder, body or shaft, foot, wrapper, binder, and filler.  

The process of creating a cigar is a mix of art and science and it can only be accomplished by great craftsmen and women.  Click below if you would like to see the videos showing the extraordinary process of how premium cigars are made.

Wrapper leaves are the most delicate, expensive and [ideally] perfect leaf that is applied to the outside of a cigar.  In addition, wrapper leaves contribute significantly to the flavor of the cigar since they will touch the mouth and tongue.

Binder leaves are the dense and strong leaves applied to the outside of the filler tobaccos; forming the bunch.  The binder protects and helps form the filler tobaccos in the molds and presses

Filler tobacco leaves constitute the 'guts' of the cigar.  Filler leaves must be expertly bunched to make a well constructed cigar that will draw and burn in balance.  

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