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Saturday, March 7, 2020

CIGARS 101.3: Ring Gauge

Ring Gauge (rg) is the diameter of a cigar, as measured in 64ths of an inch (in the United States).  A cigar that is 64rg is exactly one inch in diameter.  

In general, thinner rg cigars will express more of the cigar wrapper's flavor (see Wrapper Geometry) while thicker rg cigars will contain more filler tobacco and have the potential to deliver a broader range of flavor.  Thicker rg cigars will also tend to smoke cooler and produce a larger volume of smoke per toke (see Cigar Shapes & Sizes).   

While the ring gauge (rg) of a parejo is consistent from foot to head, the rg of a figurado usually refers to the thickest part of the cigar.  The specific tapering of a figurado is unique to its vitola, but if two rg, such as 16/40rg are given for a figurado, then the smaller number refers to the thinnest part of the cigar.  The shape of a figurado will create a unique and specific flavor journey.  

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