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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Certified Tobacconist Advantage

PM Magazine: What’s the advantage of buying cigars from a certified tobacconist?


Jorge Armenteros: As the president of Tobacconist University, I have dedicated almost 15 years to this question.  In fact, I wrote The Tobacconist Handbook (available on to try and improve the culture of professional tobacconists.  Above all, a certified tobacconist is schooled in fundamentals and understands the differences between tobaccos and what makes them special.  Ultimately, very few tobaccos and/or cigars are premium or luxury products.  The best cigars in the world take years or decades to create and a certified tobacconist can help a consumer enhance their own appreciation by sharing that knowledge.
…. the joy of our business is to introduce smokers to something outside of their comfort zone and watch them fall in love with it…

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