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Friday, May 1, 2009

Retail Exposure Test

In thirty years of combined Retail Tobacconist operations I have seen a lot of unexpected, amusing, and occasionally frightening things.  I have:
- had several Tobacconists attacked by drunk and/or belligerent customers
- seen women and men expose themselves; usually to show off a new piercing or tattoo
- experienced countless bathroom ‘problems’, electrical outages, and floods
- seen customers, employees, and products break (both physically and/or mentally)
- thrown out and arrested enough customers to fill a large bus
- chased both wild and domesticated animals out of the stores
- and generally, seen much more of the world and human nature than I could ever have imagined.
There is nothing like Retail: you open your doors every day of the year (except Thanksgiving and Christmas) and cross your fingers… It’s like playing roulette; you have a 1 in 35 chance of dramatic consequences. I respect any retailer who is committed to their customers. Customer Commitment requires devotion that goes beyond words. For me, I can’t ever relax until the last shop has closed for the day, and then there is a tremendous sense of relief.  If the day ends without catastrophe, We Won!

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