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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Real Revolutionary: Where The Sight of Tobacco Is Illegal


Imagine not being able to smoke in a retail tobacconist.

Furthermore, imagine not being able to display any kind of tobacco products to the public.  This is not a nightmare, but rather a reality for Bob Gee, a 30+ year veteran tobacconist and owner of Mader’s Tobacco Store in Kentville, Nova Scotia.   And just like a glacier from the last ice age, this draconian legislative mentality is moving south – beware American tobacconists! 

Bob Gee is a bonafide revolutionary because he refuses to relinquish his right to do business and represent his products.   But the government is prosecuting him for displaying tobacco products in his own store, where people have the right to choose whether or not to walk in.   It is a travesty that one man/tobacconist should have to sacrifice his livelihood, time, and income to pander to health zealots and unreasonable legislators who have no respect for individual freedoms.  But if you think our leaders in America are different…. think again.  If we fail to act now, this will be our fate.  And the biggest losers will be consumers and retail tobacconists, because big tobacco and mail order companies will survive and even thrive without retail tobacconists.

You can read more about Mader’s Tobacco Store at Pipes or just google it.  Let this be a warning to us all.  It’s time to join the CRA and get certified.  There is no time to waste….

If you would like to help Bob Gee with his legal and economic struggle, donations/contributions can be sent to:

Mader’s Tobacco Store
13 Aberdeen Street
Kentville, NS B4N 2M9, Canada
(902) 678- 3816

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