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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Co-Branding: Third Party Endorsement

The Third Party Endorsement is the most powerful sanction and form of approval available: this is true in both business and our personal lives. For example, there is a significant difference between your mother saying “you are smart” and Albert Einstein saying so. Things like objectivity, background, and independence influence the value judgement: “who” says “what” matters. You can spend all day telling someone how great you are, but they probably won’t listen until someone credible says it once. This is the essence and value of the Third Party Endorsement.
Tobacconist University Certification is the ultimate Third Party Endorsement because:
  • Certification cannot simply be purchased, it must be earned.
  • TU does not allow any advertising because we must control the quality of our content and standards.
  • We have a Code of Ethics & Standards to articulate, promote, and project our values.
  • Our academic curriculum is thoroughly researched and available for public scrutiny.
  • We have an open-source academic curriculum where credible Tobacconists are welcome to contribute.
  • All of our revenue streams are publicly declared; including certifications, R&D products, and our Campus Store products.
  • TU is independent institution that does not receive money from any other trade organizations.
Other examples of Third Party Endorsements include: newspaper articles, being quoted in the media, ‘word of mouth’, web-links & listings, and “best of” lists. Each endorsement comes with its own gravitas, but they can all add up to priceless promotional value.

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