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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cigar Mold

While Plume (or Bloom) can be a positive symptom of cigar aging, it is very different from Cigar Mold. Cigar Mold, like any other type of mold, is a fungus which appears as a woolly growth found on damp and/or decaying organic matter. Moldy cigars are not to be smoked.
Overly humidified cigars are the most susceptible to growing mold. Mold can begin growing before a cigar ever leaves the factory; if they are kept too moist or not de-humidified properly (see Marrying).
Cigar Mold can also result from over humidification and “wet spots” in personal humidors. Cigars which are kept directly under humidifiers and other wet spots can easily become over humidified. To inhibit Cigar Mold, regularly rotate your cigars and inspect for mold growth. While Plume/Bloom will easily wipe off, Cigar Mold will not.

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