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Sunday, December 9, 2007


The effect of smells/olfaction on the human experience is profound and often very difficult or impossible to measure. As we learned in Taste College – The Human Senses, our sense of smell is more closely linked to Memory & Emotion than any other human sense. Therefore, pleasant smells can have extremely positive and beneficial effects on us. (Thousands of MRI and CAT Scan facilities around the world use Vanilla scent to calm patients.) Pleasant odors can relax and transform our experiences and immediately enhance the quality of our lives. This is the fundamental thesis behind TobaccAromatherapy: lovers of luxury tobacco know that their time and lives are enhanced through the enjoyment great cigars and pipes.

Ironically, those who do not like the aroma of tobacco seem incapable of understanding our reality. Fortunately for us, we are (theoretically) endowed with an inalienable right to the pursuit of happiness; so we can continue to seek pleasure and enlightenment with our precious therapeutic pastime. Of course, Taste is subjective and lovers of the leaf are among the minority in today’s world so we are often persecuted for our passions. But the fact remains that we have every right to enjoy and enhance our lives through scientifically and historically proven methods.

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