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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cigar Foreplay

Well, I know it sounds odd, but this is something I have been working on with my fellow CRTs. Most days we are so excited or anxious to smoke the cigar we are looking forward to and we don’t take the time to enjoy the Pre-light nuances and characteristics. Even Tobacconists get caught up in the quick pace of life and forget to slow down and savor our time. So we must endeavor to bring more Cigar Foreplay back into our daily lives. In addition to the tactile pleasures of handling a cigar, the subtle aromas and taste of an unlit cigar should be enjoyed by all.
Pre-Light Evaluation + Cigar Foreplay:

- Construction: Inspect the Head & Body

- Sight: admire the extraordinary aesthetic qualities of that “bunch of leaves”.

- Touch: general hand-feel; firmness & consistency, weight, balance, texture, etc… Get used to having the cigar in your hand before you light it.

- Smell: The bouquet; both the Foot and the Wrapper .

- Taste: Put the cigar in your mouth and enjoy the nuances of the Wrapper leaf. Take notice of the finish on your palate.

As every cigar and pipe lover knows, appreciation begins long before combustion. And Cigar Foreplay is just another part of the process of enjoyment….. why not spend some time with your next cigar long before you light it?

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