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Monday, July 9, 2007

Family Values

This is the blog I really wanted to write.
I am used to socializing with cigar makers and members of the luxury tobacco industry so the sight of grown men kissing and hugging each other is nothing new to me. The sight of children playing, roller skating, and tossing a ball while we drink and smoke is also completely common. Husband and Wife Tobacconists teams are one of my favorite things to see. And it is more common than not, to see extended families working together in our industry. In fact, I have never thought twice about it. Yet, my father helped me build my first store by coming in after work and leaving at two in the morning and my mother was my first employee! FAMILY and the luxury tobacco industry are intrinsically linked. This is how traditions are maintained and how extraordinary things are accomplished; Families working together.
So, I was a little surprised on a few occasions when my girlfriend got a little choked up this week at the show in Houston. She has been to other RTDA’s with me and even visited with cigar makers, but now that she has a lot of corporate experience under her professional belt, she really shined a new light on the real luxury tobacco business. She was stunned at how many families work together in this industry. She was also amazed at how close all of us in this industry seem. I guess accountants and computer technicians don’t run around kissing and hugging each other at their conventions. Katelyn had her heart warmed at this year’s show because she realized why I  refuse to leave this industry: We Are All Family. We Share the Same Values.

And We love our Products and each other for honoring them.

Simply put, the luxury tobacco industry represents the best of America, Earth, and the Human Experience. The rest of our smoke-hysterical society could learn a lot from this business. Cherish your family, friends, traditions, and honor your time by doing your best and being honorable in everything you do.

Thanks doll, you really shed a light on that which is important! Go get your own blog so I can get back to work.

Jorge Armenteros, CMT

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