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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Free CRT Certifications!

The annual IPCPR convention is quickly approaching (July 19-23), and we're looking forward to certifying many of our Retail Tobacconist Apprentices for FREE, typically a $1,000 tuition fee for non-IPCPR members! TU will be fully staffed  and prepared to administer exams throughout the show. You must already be an Apprentice to take the exam, so SIGN UP NOW using our new, quick and easy application process! This is the final step in the certification process, we will be able to grade your exam at the show and upon passing, present you with your Certified Lapel Pin! Come by our booth (near the front entrance) any time to take the exam, keeping in mind the earlier you get there the less likely you will be to wait.
If you haven't heard, TU has been developing numerous promotional and profitable opportunities which will be exclusive to Certified Tobacconists, making now a great time to invest in your Certification.

Feel free to contact our Certified Director- Juice Ford if you have any questions!

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