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Monday, May 24, 2010

Proof of Lies

The Surgeons General said there ‘is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke’, and suddenly smoking bans spread around the globe.  But, this statement defies logic and the fact that the dose makes the poison.  This is true in epidemiology, science, and medicine; it always has been and always will be.  That is why you can consume pesticides, hormones, and harmful pharmaceuticals in your food, water, and consumer products and still survive.  The dose makes the poison.

The Surgeons General, EPA, FDA and every government, and every non-governmental agency that has promoted smoking bans has lied to you.  In fact, a quiet street has five times more carbon monoxide than a smoky bar, and there is absolutely no significant evidence showing that second hand smoke causes lung cancer (and there have been plenty of studies).  In fact, you should be more worried about the fumes you inhale on the street than the aroma of tobacco.  We all know that you can run a hose from your car exhaust into the vehicle and be dead in a few minutes.   Yet, I have spent countless hours in cars in Nicaragua with the windows rolled up (to avoid the dust) and inhaled 2,3, and 4 people’s cigar smoke.  The gentleman in the picture has been doing that for decades and he is 83!  The fact is, we have been lied to and our entire society has been re-engineered to treat smokers like second class citizens because of second hand smoke.

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