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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Price Everything

In retail, it is imperative to price all of your products. There are countless stories from customers who have asked for prices and received different answers (on different occasions) from their Tobacconists. This leads to a lack of trust, loyalty, and eventually a declining business. Not pricing products can also lead to selling them for less than our standard markups, so pricing everything protects our margins.

Ultimately, we owe our customers a clearly articulated price on every item in our store: it is one of the fundamentals of professionalism. While every Tobacconist knows that pricing the hundreds or thousands of products in our store is a challenge, it must be done.

The pictures in this section show a myriad of pricing techniques and styles: some products are priced discreetly to avoid ‘cluttering’ the display, while other products, like cigars, have very prominent labels. Labeling decisions are up to the individual Tobacconist, but every product should still be priced.  Certified Tobacconists have committed to Price Everything when they accept the Code of Ethics & Standards.

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