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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Age & Smoke

Some Things Are Better With Age.
Teach your customers to age their cigars and enjoy the changes. Enhance your customers’ appreciation and you will make them happy, healthy, and loyal. Educate your customers and they will age along with your business.
Some Things Are Better With Smoke.
Like…. picnics, meat, golf, boats, alcoholic beverages, sunsets, hot tubs, long walks, gambling, racetracks, sunshine, bacon, etc…
* The Butchers never cease to amaze me. This beautiful slab of meat is some kind of experimental hybrid bacon they are working on. The top picture shows a cleaver that is so old it is starting to look like a filet knife. Its amazing to see craftsmen be so traditional and creative all at once! Just like great cigar and pipe makers. This is good advice for Retail Tobacconists too: Focus on Traditional Principles/Tools & Be Creative!

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