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Saturday, January 26, 2008


Leverage, Leverage, Leverage: of all the words in the English language, this one best describes Tobacconist University. While we create NEW VALUE & OPPORTUNITIES, we provide LEVERAGE.
Leveraging is the act of using something to gain an advantage. You can use words, relationships, knowledge, experience, body language, humor, or just about anything to leverage your relationships, income, and quality of life.

TU exists, above all, for Retailers to leverage. Retail Tobacconists can educate, certify, and/or promote themselves [for free] through TU. In addition, they can co-brand our website, use our videos, and contribute! All of this [and more] because we believe Retail Tobacconists are the key to Preserving Luxury Tobacco for Generations to Come. In addition, Consumers and Salesforces can leverage TU as an educational, certification, and social tool as well.
Imagine trying to move a large boulder with a long stick; your success will depend on the strength of the stick. Achieving optimal leverage requires a strong and credible ‘instrument’. Consequently, TU aims to be the most credible, honorable, and un-biased educational institution in the luxury tobacco industry. We are defined by the quality of our education, Code of Ethics & Standards, and [above all] by our students and Certified Tobacconists. – Leverage That.

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